Life Art is so Boring!

A while ago I decided to further my education and signed up to night classes for "Life Drawing".

If you haven't been to such a class before, a model gets naked and we all sit around and draw him/her in various poses. I think I did fairly well after getting over the shock of a naked person in the room being normal and non-sexual.

And for the first few months (one class per week) it was OK, I enjoyed having a few hours dedicated to relaxing and drawing every week, that was really nice.

But the kinds of drawings I'd been doing in the past always focused on detail; little fiddly bits.. but Life Art was all about the long curves and proportions, which I like; but they're REALLY hard to get right, even the fiddly bits like finger and toes are really hard to figure out.

Some weeks I drew things I was proud of, other weeks.. not so much.

It got to the stage where I would focus on the props much more than the model, as in the image above, the bench, the bottles and the pillow are all perfect; the model..

I love that style of art too, the crisp look; clean lines and minimal shading. The tutor pushed us to try different mediums, drawing with bamboo sticks and Indian ink, pastels, paints and chalk. The paints and shading really freak me out because I can't seem to control them.

I did enjoy the chalk and different coloured paper, got some cool contrasts going with that.

Some of my Pip Art.

But ultimately it was just boring, I start doing more and more pipe art; something I do when I'm bored.

I just stopped going after awhile.