Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Update 06/06/2016

Ok.. I've been watching it on Google Play, it is pretty awesome. 9/10. :)

I'd previously rated it only 4/10; but that's bullshit. I think it's the seconds best Star Wars movie ever.

Oh my god! If you buy it on Google Play you get all the extra features too!!!, behind the scenes, extras, etc.. :D


The Build Up

I like many others have been excitedly awaiting the release of Star Wars: Episode VII since Disney announced they had acquired LucasFilm, LucasArts and ILM with the intention of making more movies and (maybe) TV series.

With the release of the first teaser trailer late 2014 I was almost in tears with geek emotion and excitement.

The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer.

Exciting exciting, and in the weeks leading up to the release I watched the trailers again and again. Until.. finally the day had come, December 19th booked into the XTREME SCREEN cinema.

The Movie

Contains Force Awakens Spoilers.

Movie title appears.. STAR WARS then the premise text, now there is where the trouble starts for me. They're up there way too long. In all the previous movies the text goes into the distance, then visibly quickly fades out and the camera starts panning to whatever planet the movie starts from.

But in Force Awakens, you're made to wait until the premise the has slowly rolled all the way out of sight, annoyingly slow pause. Like I'm being teased all over again.

Bitch bitch, rant rant, I'm not gonna analyze the whole movie in detail.

But the story line being extremely similar to "A New Hope" was quite disappointing, and the way the movie wouldn't let you kind of assume things; as the dialogue explicitly explained everything in detail, as if people would have otherwise gone home and lost sleep over not knowing exactly what [example character] meant by [example dialogue].

Yay, I made my own movie still! :D Inkscape for the win!

Like I'm being read a story and the reader stops every few lines to explain what's just happend in detail.

I can only assume it was setting things up for later movies and spin-offs. But, still.. I was disappointed.

I think everything feels so different, its still star wars in name; but the characters, locations, feelings have changed too much from what I fell in love with before. I miss it being gritty and worn, not perfectly brand new like things are in Awakens. So, I don't hate it.. and if you love it, then great! but I can't move on form what was.

+1 for John Williams composing the music though. :)

The Cooldown

I watched Star Trek: Nemesis to calm myself again, and with that I know the story is iffy, but I love it more than the new Star Trek because it had all the old faces I know and love. That's what I'd want from a new Star Wars movie, but as the actors have aged quite a bit; I don't think I'll get it.