Gliding is Super Cool!

Soo.. December 27th, My family and I migrated down to Oamaru, to a fancy Top10 Holiday Park; literally right next to the Oamaru Public Gardens and a Mini Golf Course, really nice!

Flying high in a Glider.

Yay holiday park! Which was nice except for a really weak hand-dryer in the Men's bathroom (they had a hairdryer though so all good) and the fact that the ceiling was highly reflective.. you could see everything. Oh and they had a Kangaroo Jumper (OMG that website haha) :P.

The next day we moved inland to Omarama, which is pretty exciting, saw some hydro-dams I'd wanted to see for sometime; like the Benmore Dam on the way.

The weather was crazy, on the coast in Oamaru is wasn't cold but wasn't warm either, it was overcast and yucky; but as soon as we made it through the foothills and into the mountains, b00m! Instance Summer! 30degrees, Almost no clouds and bright blue sky! xD

Anyway. Me, my Dad and Brother were booked for Glider flights with Glide Omarama Me and Dad for 30mins and my brother for 2.5 hours.

Dad took off first, then Dan (brother).. then I get to wait forever for my turn.

For some reason I wasn't as scared on the day as I thought I would be, I'd been dreading it for weeks. Flying in small planes usually terrifies me, (larger planes not much better).

We walked out to the planes and the pilot helps my into a parachute, then hopped into the cockpit. He shows me howto pop the cockpit roof off if we crash, I'll know when to jump when he starts screaming "Get out, Get out!!".

it was such a hot day. I'd put on sun-screen; but even so got burnt during the flight, that's why I have the goofy hat on (in the video). :P

Take off was terrifying.

I just hung onto my harness and took a heap of deep breaths and closed by eyes. Every-time I looked down I thought it looked cool I was so high them OMG I'M SO HIGH... ARGH!!!! I WANNA GO DOWN!!!

That kinda feeling continued as we flew over a mountain and circled around for awhile to gain height. Leaning almost vertically sideways to turn was again terrifying, but gradually after we'd been flying for 15mins or so I started getting used to it.

The actually flying didn't get any less.. flighty, but I got used to the motion and small turbulence and could let go of my harness and start enjoying it.

Even so I didn't dare take the controls or experience a 360 loop when the pilot offered, though I rather wish I did now; at the time though it was enough that I'd stopped panicking.

I must say I got a little bored :P, I mean, it is really cool to be up so high without an engine and the view is amazing.. but its all kinda the same. Flat, open, dry, grassy plains and river bed, the mountains were cool but we didn't actually dip into them, just flew though some of the higher hills and over a part of Benmore Lake.

It was really warm up there, I'd kinda had the notion that being at such an altitude (7000ft +/- 1000ft), it would be colder. Nope. Perspex oven, with an extremely welcome air flap on the left side of the cockpit (this is the loud whsssssssshing sound that can be heard on the video).

Here's me mid-flight.

And the landing, he lands sooo low across the road haha. And has obviously done it a lot, as shown he pulls up perfectly at speed behind the previous glider on the runway.

The landing.

I don't know if I could handle the 2.5 hour trip my brother did, just as a matter of boredom, but the 30min/1hour trip was great fun. :)