Building Esamir: Animation

So it turns out building assets for animation is the easy bit.

I have a storyboard, some basic assets and backdrops, sound effects, music, a script and the first sequence blocked out in PremirePro and AfterEffects (see below) to try and get the right feel; it gives me chills so hopefully I got the soundtrack right even if the animations not there yet.

An NC Engineer and a Deployed Sunderer.

Getting the assets from the file into an animation program and actually rigging them is the tricky bit. But YAY, I've finally got some software now! :D

Anime Studio 11 Pro seemed to be the most affordable solution (I don't have time to learn Blender for 2D animation, though I'd like to).

I've done animation before, in Adobe Flash and Lightwave 3D, Blender, etc.. but this feels a bit different. #yolo

One of Esamir's three BioLabs.

If you don't recognize any of those images, they are character classes, vehicles and places from Day Break's Planetside 2 online FPS game (it's pretty awesome).

The basic idea for this animation is; the TR (Terran Republic) and the VS (Vanu) have joined forces to eradicate the NC (New Conglomerate) once and for all.

The plot of the scene above is the TR and VS and launched an all out assault on the NC on the Esamir continent and driven them back to the NC Warpgate, NC Command issues an emergency broadcast to all offline Commanders to bring their platoons online (48 Players per platoon) and re-enforce.

The TR and VS think they are all but invincible, but they hadn't counted on the most cancerous NC Commander of all-time answering the call. N7JPicard and his elite outfit named "Renegade18".

The blocked out cut of the intro.

Hopefully I'll get that scene all animated and FX'd up soon and will post more updates. >:)

Oh yeah, all assets created from scratch in Inkscape.