Keep Calm and Drive On

I am gonna try to explain my philosophy when it comes to driving.

Basicly it's keep calm. haha; OK, no there's more too it.

It seems to be a pretty universal truth that drivers on the road will fuck up and do stupid shit, and other drivers will see this and get angry and in turn do their own stupid shit making the roads even more dangerous; and I used to personally contribute to this quite a bit.

If someone does something silly I'd see red and take my focus off the road to verbally and internally abuse them (weather or not they could hear me).

And in those situations, being heavily distracted; I'd have some extremly near misses in causing a major accident of my own. Usually by almost hitting the car in-front of me.

My Philosophy

Ok, so this is how I keep a fairly relaxed mind while driving.

Posing with my lil Demio

I keep in mind that I might not the best driver, I try hard but I still fuck up sometimes; I might forget to indicate while turning, gun an orange light I should have stopped for or go slower than the limit.

But I know I don't do that stuff all the time, just once in a while; so I try to give other divers the same level of grace; I probably won't see them again and it's just bad luck I had to see them at the time they made the same mistakes I do.

So I just keep calm, signal them where I can and relax. If they're going too slow I'll just enjoy the relaxing ride, if they're driving dangerously; I'll get behind them where I can be sure they won't hit me haha.

When it comes to slow traffic; esp on the motorway I used to try and pass all the slow ones, but I've had a few very near misses while passing others at speed and I've come to the conclusion that it's not worth the risk to arrive 20 seconds sooner. Espessially if I have passengers in the car.

If I'm gonna be late, fuck it. I should have left earlier. So now the slow lane in my friend, trucks are my friend; they provide a solid and predictably safe speed to cruise behind.

There's still heaps of shit that pisses me off, but I just try to breath and rememeber other people get to see me at my worst and most don't over-react either. Just let it go and smile.