Always On-Top Netflix on Windows

I always like watching video while I'm working, just in a little window hovering in the corner of the screen.

Normally I would use VLC Player the make the player chromeless and to always show on-top of other windows. But for netflix, their app for W10 is pretty poor as it is; but does not offer that feature. So I made-up a solution!



  • Google Chrome (or a browser that can access the Chrome Web Store)
  • Netflix Account
  • Always On-Top App


  1. Go to the Chrome Webstore.
  2. Install this add-on: Open-as-Popup.
  3. Navigate to the Netflix site.
  4. Pick the movie of choice and start watching.
  5. Find the Open-as-Popup icon in the toolbar and click it. A new Chromeless Popup window will open with Netflix playing in it. This will work even when Chrome is closed.
  6. With the new Popup window selected, Use the Always On-Top hotkey Ctrl+Space to set the that window as "Always On-Top".
  7. Enjoy the movie!

You could use this method for many other things, but this is how I use it. :)

* It sould work fine on other Windows Versions too I think. Wherever Chrome and that app will work.